Amazing Asian American series

Interest level - Elementary Grades

Fourth grade reading level

Vera Wang, Queen of Fashion


Wonderful! My daughter, adopted from China, and I read it together. She really liked reading about a Chinese American princess. I appreciated learning little known Chinese immigration history.

Margaret Moro

Yo-Yo & Yeou-Cheng Ma, Finding Their Way


With empathy and imagination, this book tels the story of Yo-Yo and Yeou-Cheng's journey to fulfillment. Ms. Louie honors Yeou-Cheng for her ability to turn her great talents from music to a creative life in medicine.

Dr. Susan Richman

Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, Reaching for the Stars


This story shows the grit of a true Asian American hero, a woman who deied the status quo and earned herself a place in the stars.

Priti Rao