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We are a press dedicated to illustrating the lives, accomplishments, and stories of Asian Americans. Our series: BIOGRAPHIES OF AMAZING ASIAN AMERICANS
is a collection of children's biographies about Chinese Americans, South Asian Americans, Korean Americans, Japanese Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Pacific Islander Americans, and others. Fully illustrated in color, the books will be appropriate for the elementary school-age child.

The first in the series, VERA WANG: QUEEN OF FASHION, by Ai-Ling Louie, illustrated by Cathy Peng, is the story of the world famous womenswear designer. Please click on the Sales and Order pages.

Our second book is titled, YO-YO and YEOU-CHENG MA, FINDING THEIR WAY. When they were seven and eleven years old, this supremely talented brother/sister cello and violin duo were playing for President Kennedy in Washington, D.C.  This book has become available as of July 17, 2012. See Sales and Order page.

Our new book is ASTRONAUT KALPANA CHAWLA, REACHING FOR THE STARS, by Ai-Ling Louie and illustrated by H. Rick Pettway. It is the first children's biography published in the US about a South Asian American, the fastest-growing segment of the Asian American population.  Kalpana, born in India,  was a girl who liked to wear pants. She would only wear a sari for weddings and Indian dancing. On her bedroom wall, instead of pictures of movie stars there were posters of airplanes, rocket ships, and the Wright Brothers. 

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For a list of children's biographies on Asian Americans, choose the BIOGRAPHY page.

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